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Thomson Small and Friendly Holidays - Holiday Deals and Offers

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Please check that the accommodation you select has everything you need for your holiday before you book

Feel the Local Charm with Thomson Small and Friendly Holidays

Sometimes you want an intimate feel to your holiday. You want to fully experience a different kind of life from the one you are used to. Thomson Small and Friendly hotels are handpicked to give you that homely, living-like-the locals feel.
To explore the environment you are in, you need a certain foundation. With accommodation that reflects the traditional ways of the destination you have in mind, you get to discover the true picture.
To make your experience a memorable one, the Thomson Small and Friendly holidays range could also offers activities such as cycling, scuba diving, wine tasting, and golf among others (where available).

Thomson Small and Friendly Holidays - Finding the Right Option

The Thomson Small and Friendly holidays team at every resort is selected just right for you. Their extensive knowledge of the local community and its treasures will awaken your curious side. We are talking, best eating-out places, best dishes, cultural ceremonies and festivals, they can help to ensure you don’t miss out on anything interesting if you want.
Some of the Thomson hotels under this category have the ‘Select’ status. This means that there properties guarantee a little more luxury and comfort at very unique locations. There services are top-class and they have little added extras that just make the holiday special. Select hotels can usually be found in Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal.
If you want value for money-accommodation but with the charm of your destination still in mind, Thomson has ‘Value’ hotels option for you. They may not be grand, but these hotels have the true taste of your destination. The Thomson-renowned service is no less even here. Find them in the following destinations; Crete, Thassos, Santorini, Costa Brava among others.
Here are some of the features of the Small and Friendly destinations available:

Thomson Small and Friendly Holidays Neapolitan Riviera

The Neapolitan Riviera is around the Bay of Naples, occupying one of the most picturesque places in the Mediterranean. The food is mouth-watering, the boutiques are swanky and the seas just sparkling, surrounded by pine-cloaked hills. Did you know the Margherita pizza came from Naples, as well as the Napolitana spaghetti sauce? It is hard to go hungry with restaurants on every corner you turn. If you love shopping and designers are your thing, well sample the town of Sorrento. Other than Sorrento, the Amalfi coast boasts a beautiful sandy view for summer holiday makers. This little corner in Italy is within your reach.

Thomson Small and Friendly Holidays Crete

The island of Crete has character. Having stood for centuries, some of the views will leave you speechless. It has little villages, party places, romantic retreats and lots of sunshine to spare. For a place that has really long summers, a promise of sunshine is not too far-fetched.
A place that has such lively beaches cannot miss water sports. The taverns and restaurants offer fresh fish dishes for you to sample. Walkers hike to the hills, shoppers stare at jewellery and ceramics while sightseers feast their eyes on Roman ruins. This is the place to be for a lively or leisurely time, depending on your energy levels. You will be taken care of.

If you just want accommodation and the freedom to make your own flight arrangements and transfers, Thomson has the Thomson Small and Friendly Holiday Accommodation only option. Moreover, it is your customer service responses through our questionnaires that determine the rating they give to these Small and Friendly Hotels. If you want to know what other holiday-makers think, check out the feedback on the official Thomson holidays direct web site (click here)

Thomson Small and Friendly Holidays Discounts

Thomson Small and Friendly Holidays offer great value and choice and if you book direct the chances are that you will save even more! Thomson Small and Friendly Holidays can very often come with special deals such as online discounts for simply booking direct with > CLICK HERE

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