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Thomson City Breaks – Great Value Short Breaks

Thomson City breaks are an ideal way of taking short holidays to escape from your everyday life. They provide exciting adventures over a short period of time. You can decide to take a city break within Britain or take the few days to discover a new destination abroad. The Thomas city breaks packages have in mind all kinds of travelers from the family based breaks to couples looking for a romantic break away. The Thomson City Breaks packages are tailored made to suit all kinds of travelers with all kinds of budgets. There is something for everyone no matter how short the break is from one day breaks to week long breaks.

Thomson City breaks destinations

Thomson Paris City Breaks  - It is Known as the most romantic city of the world its and ideal destination for a romantic city break. There are great sightseeing areas in Paris from the leaning tower of Pisa to the Eiffel tower. This is one destination that will leave you longing for your next holiday.

Thomson Amsterdam City Breaks  - This is a city with scenic sites that are breathtaking from the canals and rich Dutch culture this is a city you are bound to enjoy your holiday in.

Thomson London City Breaks  - This is a great city to have your holiday if you are a football fan you are bound to enjoy great football games from some the most sensational football teams that enjoy fanatical following from fans all over the world. There lots of Theatre featuring the latest high budget shows with world famous stars performing in them. Don’t forget the great shopping options as well.

Thomson Venice City Breaks  - This is a city that offers real and tough competition to Paris as the most romantic city. There diverse sites and areas to have romantic moments. It is an ideal location for a romantic city break.

Thomson Dublin City Breaks  - This is a city that has great nightlife  so this generally makes it a top contender for the greatest city breaks holidays destination.

Thomson Rome City Breaks  -  Fondly referred to as the cradle of history is a beautiful city to take your city break from with lots to do and see.

Thomson Edinburgh City Breaks  -It has a gothic and Georgian centre that gives it a vintage feel it is a great place to have a quite weekend or short holiday break from the hustles of everyday life. It is a very affordable destination for budget travelers.

Thomson Berlin City Breaks  - It is considered as great short break cities to visit it has a rich culture and many historic sites to visit.

Thomson New York City Breaks  - It is considered as  a great short break cities to visit it has a so much to offer out with the amazing shopping options after all it is New York!

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Thomson City Breaks packages

Thomson City Breaks has numerous city breaks packages based on the needs of their customers and are able to offer luxurious city breaks that include visits to the greatest spa resorts in Europe. The packages are further personalized by your chosen means of transport where Thomson can offer train packages, air packages bus packages among others. Thomson can also classify the city break packages according to your chosen accommodation that include camping trips to trips in villas spread across the cities in Europe.

Whatever the package or mode you choose Thomson should have your perfects solution that matches your budget and tailor made to align with your break. You have the option of booking your break over a weekend whatever the number of days you need the city break package can be designed to suit your needs. Thomson City breaks are flexible and suit most travelers needs and budgets.

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